Photo of the Burleson Yard Beer Garden in San Antonio, Texas.

Burleson Yard Beer Garden

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I dropped by Taco Garage to pick up some breakfast tacos and salsa quemada to go, and the owner, Lee, was there. He told me he opened a new place downtown called Burleson Yard Beer Garden that I should check out.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a small town where you could hear trains passing through, but I’ve always been loco for locomotives. At the Burleson Yard Beer Garden, located at 430 Austin Street, you can sip on a libation and watch trains pass by until your heart is content.

Lee knows how to create a cozy space. Burleson is just the kind of spot you’ll want to hang out with family and friends. (You may literally hang in one of the yard’s multiple hammocks!) Children and pets are welcome. My husband and I snagged an umbrella-topped table and ordered some tacos from the food truck outside and a beer and a frozen margarita from the indoor bar. Hot Burras‘ slogan is “Let’s give ’em something to taco ’bout.” I chose pork and my husband selected beef. We were both happy with our orders.

While we were eating, a gentleman dropped by our table and explained that they were going to have a beer hoisting contest. My husband, who lived in Germany for a year, was game. If you won the contest, you’d be entered in a national contest. If you won the national contest, you’d be headed to Germany for Oktoberfest. Sadly, my husband did not win, but he performed admirably. Since he got to keep the mug, he’ll be training to win next year’s competition. Fair warning.

As an added bonus, Burleson Yard Beer Garden is within walking distance of the Hays Street Bridge, one of San Antonio’s must-see places. Wrap up your visit with a stroll over to the bridge to enjoy a magnificent view of downtown San Antonio.

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